Marketing Operations with Jacques Corby-Tuech

Hear from marketing leaders talking about data, process optimisation, martech enablement and more

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Snakes and Send Time Optimisation with Paul Shriner

Joining me in this episode is Paul Shriner, chief evangelist and co-founder of AudiencePoint an email send time optimization company.

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Working in MarTech with Dan Graap

Joining me in this episode is Dan Graap, a product manager at Drift.

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Email Process and Managing a MarTech Company with Elliot Ross

Joining me in this episode is Elliot Ross, founder of the email marketing agency Action Rocket and founder of Taxi for Email, an email production tool.

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Marketing Operations with Valma Tikkakoski

In this episode I'm joined by Valma Tikkakoski, an experienced Marketing Ops practitioner working to combat online fraud.

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$60 Million or $60 Billion, the Ad Fraud Question

In this episode I'm joined by Dr Augustine Fou, an experienced marketer and ad fraud researcher.

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Talking Strategy with Jenna Tiffany

In this episode I'm joined by Jenna Tiffany, founder and strategy director at Let'sTalk Strategy, a digital marketing consultancy.

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